Hi, everybody!

I am doing it! I am doing it! I am writing a blog! I have been thinking about it for a while, but I am terribly intimidated by all of the seasoned sewers and bloggers out there. I only started sewing my own garments 2 months ago, and so far have completed a skirt and a dress… BUT I am absolutely in love with it and I hope that one day, I will be one of those seasoned sewers. I have poked my little nose around the internet sewing world and have found nothing but inspiration, sewing knowledge, and encouragement, and I love it! I want to be a part of it– I want to share what I have made and get encouragement and feedback and ideas and maybe, just maybe, be able to inspire others. I also think that it will be an awesome way to track my progress. Therefore, here I am. I hope that you enjoy.

I will post my first two garments soon!


2 comments on “Hi, everybody!

  1. amynxdx says:

    Don’t be intimidated! The sewing community is the most welcoming and friendly community I have been in and it’s fantastic!

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