Kelly Skirt

This Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielson Patterns is the very first piece of clothing I have ever made! I was inspired to make it after I saw this denim one on Lauren. Then I started seeing it all over the place! Everyone kept mentioning how simple the directions are and how quickly it comes together, even the pattern description boasts its ease for beginning sewers. As soon as I read that, I handed over my money.


All of the talk of simplicity was no lie. The directions are geared toward beginners and there are lots of photos to show you just exactly what to do. After an excited trip to the fabric store, I was off and running and was finished in just a few hours. However, my excited trip to the fabric store was my first problem. I have been sewing quilts for years and years and am extremely comfortable with quilting cotton. Anything else is wayyyy out of my comfort zone. Considering that sewing a skirt was already way out of my comfort zone I stuck with my best friend cotton, just as a security blanket. The problem with the cotton, though it was an ease to sew, is that is it just too thin. Not only can you see right through it, it also has way too much body . It poofs out like crazy– which just isn’t my style. I tend to like things with a closer fit.


The only other problem I had was the button holes. I have never ever done button holes before this skirt. I had to get my machine manual out to read how to even set up the machine with the button hole attachment. Then, I tried over and over and over on scrap fabric to figure out how to get the holes right where I wanted them. After finally feeling comfortable enough to do it on my skirt, I used a regular ink pen to mark the skirt. EHHHH wrong answer! There are left over markings on the skirt and I cannot for the life of me get them out in the wash! They aren’t terribly noticeable while wearing it, but it bugs the crap out of me. Since then I have bought the right tool for the job. Also, one of the top button holes is not quite in the right place and it makes the waist band pull a little bit.



Unfortunately I have only worn the skirt one since making it. This is because of my fabric choice, the markings, and the button pull. Not for the pattern, though– I will definitely give it another go! It is simple, easy to follow, and comes together quick, just like you will hear from anyone else who has made this pattern. If you are a beginning sewer and need a confidence booster, or have never sewed anything before and are looking for the right starting project, this would be the one that I would recommend!


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