Herringbone Blouse

I spotted Butterick B5890 at Joann a while back but they were all sold out. I was pouty for about ten minutes until something else caught my eye, you all know how it works. A few days after, I spotted this one on Amy and I knew I had to go back to Joann and see if the pattern was back in stock, and it was!


This pattern is super versatile depending on the type of fabric that you use. I knew that I wanted this to be more of a work top, so I decided to use a silk. It’s no high end silk, but is still super soft and has a beautiful shine. My husband’s first reaction to the fabric was not a positive one, but I knew what I was going! I was afraid that it was going to be hard to sew with, but it went really smoothly.



The pattern is super simple, just four tucks, side seams, zipper, bias on arms and neck, and a hem. Easy peasy. It just looks so classic and I love how fitted it is. I made a muslin in a size 10… needless to say I was swimming in it!! I made a 6 out of my fabric and still took in a little bit through the bust. I have come to figure out that I have a really slender chest and back. I have been having problems with gaping backs and arm holes needing to be raised. It has been fun to figure out how to pinch in here and sew this there to get the right fit. I really want to take a couple of classes on fit and tailoring. Any suggestions on resources for such information?!


My husband being all artsy 😉



I think this is probably the most wearable thing that I have made so far. I have already worn it to work twice. I am starting to figure out how to pick patterns and fabric that work for me and my life and not just that I think are cute. Sewing is an expensive hobby and I want to make sure that I love every piece that I make. I think that’s everyone’s goal, though.


Also, NEW HAIR! You probably noticed the terrible grow out in my Mission Maxi post (don’t judge). I know, I know, I am a hair stylist and I should always have perfect hair, but lets be real… life is busy.

Also, NEW SHOES! Can’t beat adorable wedges on clearance for $15!



4 comments on “Herringbone Blouse

  1. amynxdx says:

    Thanks for the shout out! What’s funny is that I have the same fabric in my stash and am now inspired to use it for a cute shirt. I was going to use it just for lining in a coat or something but now you’ve inspired me to try something else 🙂

    I have been taking the Craftsy course for “Sew The Perfect Fit” by Lynda Maynard and so far it’s helping me out a bunch. I apparently have the exact same issue you do with the slenderness. Fitting can be SUCH A PAIN!!

    The new hair looks great! I just had mine redone and boy do I feel a lot better about myself LOL

    • Chanel says:

      Just judging by your pictures, I feel like maybe you have the holy grail of the sewing blog world, which is, super similar size! I will have to look into that Craftsy course, video tutorials are always great. My favorite thing in the world is the smell of hair color, gotta love freshly colored hair!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with to use that fabric for!

      • amynxdx says:

        I always have the hardest time with getting bodice’s to fit correctly – it drives me mad! But that Craftsy course has helped, I haven’t made the dress yet but I did watch it and learned a bunch of tips 🙂 I recommend it!

        LOL @ the hair color smell… it’s so potent! I feel much better now that it’s colored again 🙂

  2. I love this blouse! It looks really good on you. I approve of your husband being artsy. Your pictures are really good! 🙂

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