Copy Cat Challenge/ Fall for Cotton Sew Along Dress!

Wow, what a mouthful. I originally made this dress for Fall For Cotton. If you know anything about me, you know that quilting cotton is my bestest fabric friend so I was all in to make a dress out of the stuff. I am excited that this challenge will open other sewists minds to using quilting cotton in garment sewing. I don’t usually wear vintage styles, so I knew that I wasn’t going to like any of the vintage or reproduction patterns that I came across. My solution was to scour Pinterest for inspiration. This is what I came up with!


I used Simplicity 1609, which is a really simple shift dress. I used the pattern pieces, but I really didn’t follow the directions to put the dress together. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. I realize it’s a super simple dress and I had a picture to go off of, but I was all rebellious and it worked out! The bodice of the dress is a little crooked, but when I wear this dress with a cardigan you can’t tell.


I realized later that this dress works for the Copy Cat Challenge, as well, since I used a Pinterest picture as my inspiration. I had the page open in a tab on my computer and then it decided to crash… So the only picture I have of my inspiration is a cell phone picture I took… Sorry!


I decided to change the white skirt to black, it’s just more wearable for me. I got rid of the bow, and instead added the metal zipper detail. I thought it modernized it. Other than that, I loved the plaid, buttons, and waistband and stuck with those.



It has started to turn to fall weather in Portland, and has been raining the past few days so I had to make do with taking pictures inside my tiny townhouse, so sorry they aren’t the greatest.

I am so excited to see what everyone else has come up with for both of these challenges! I know I had a blast and it mixed things up to have someone else guide my sewing for a little while. I definitely will be participating in more.


7 comments on “Copy Cat Challenge/ Fall for Cotton Sew Along Dress!

  1. amynxdx says:

    It looks great, looks like something I’d totally wear 🙂 I wanted to do the Fall For Cotton one also but didn’t have much time. I guess I could enter my copy cat challenge dress because that is all cotton.. hmmm… Anyways, I love quilting cotton and I know other garment sewers look at me like I’m nuts but they are so easy to sew with and the patterns they come in are fantastic!

    • Chanel says:

      Seriously, cotton is so predictable and there are so many options of color and pattern. Glad you agree 😉 can’t wait to see your Copy Cat creation!

  2. Nice job on the dress! It looks great on you! I went with a vintage pattern myself.

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