I was so excited! My local expo center held a craft and quilting show. After all the of talk of Quilt Market and the pictures that overwhelmed my instagram account, I was so excited to be able to have a tiny piece of that close to home. I got up early so I would be one of the first ones there. I was not surprised by the fact that I was the youngest one there by about 30 years (I’m pretty used to that about now) but I was surprised by just how small the whole thing was and by the lack of exciting new quilting things to look at. I tried to make the best of it, though and I did buy some awesome fabric!


How FANTASTIC is that vibrant wood grain?! I am going to use it as a back to a quilt, I just need to figure out what the front of the quilt should look like, haha. Any ideas?

Also, I now have a facebook page! I would love for you all to go and like it and stay updated!



One comment on “Disappoint

  1. […] came across this fabric at a quilting expo I went to. You can read about it here. It came from a shop called Island Quilter, and my LORD do they have a fantastic selection of […]

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