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Part of my goal in making quilts is to shed some light onto how much fun sewing can be. I feel that younger generations think sewing is for grandmas in rocking chairs that learned how to do it when they were little girls out of necessity, but that just isn’t true. Sewing is relaxing. Its creative. Its transformative. Its beautiful; turning something so simple as cotton into a useful work of art.

We have so much to worry about these days, our lives are busy. But there is something to be said about the way things used to be, when they were simpler. Sewing gives you a connection to that world. Sitting still for a little while, concentrating only on what is in front of you, the hum of the sewing machine, using your hands to make something. Its empowering.

I had this video made in hopes to convey my passion for sewing. To show women that not only is the finished product beautiful, but the process as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Click this link to watch it!


Video by  Leanne Miller Media.


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